Do oranges have vitamin c in them or E?

Do oranges have vitamin c in them or E?

Orange is rich in vitamin C, low calorie fruit. It comfortably meets 2-3 days of daily Vitamin C need (100 milligrams). In addition, 100 grams of orange contains only 42 calories.

Vitamin C strengthens the human immune system and is effective against spring tiredness. Because the body can not produce this vitamin, it has to be taken through food. Vitamin C is not the only nutritional ingredient contained in oranges. B5 vitamini (100 g fruit, 300 micrograms), B5 vitamini (100 g fruit, 240 micrograms), B6 vitamini (100 g of fruit) Gr fruit, 50 micrograms), vitamin E (100 micrograms of fruit) and vitamin A (15 micrograms of fruit).
Orange also contains carotene, pectin and hesperidin (this substance is also found in venipuncture and antiviral drugs). The bioflavonoids contained are in the white part under the shell.
Every 100 grams of orange contains 1 milligram of sodium, 177 milligrams of potassium, 42 milligrams of calcium, 14 milligrams of magnesium and 23 milligrams of phosphorus. It also contains oligoelements and amino acids such as iron, zinc, iodine, copper, fluoride.

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