How did inventions from the industrial revolution impact society?

How did inventions from the industrial revolution impact society?

The view of socialism emerged concerning the rights of the working class created by the industrial revolution. This view developed as utopian socialism. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels then developed socialism and put forward scientific socialism. Thus, the conflict between the uncompromising classes in society (the bourgeoisie and the proletariat) became more acute. Socialism was accepted as a tool for communist collective transit.

Another effect of the industrial revolution was the increase in population. Thanks to industrialization, agriculture has become mechanized so that the same amount of land can feed more people.

In addition, the city has become able to feed more people by providing jobs to people outside the industrial agriculture sector.

The industrial revolution has also caused the population to accumulate in cities. 1920s U.S.A. (United States of America) lived in cities in half of the population. Urbanization brought along important problems as well. The slum areas have grown. These areas were stuffy, dirty and crowded.

As the workers gathered in factories and factories piled up in urban areas, cities began to swallow rural areas. This development took place in the history of the mass society, the unchanging feature of the 20th century, when it merged with the population growth that emerged with innovations in medical science and the efforts to find food material to satisfy this population.

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