which type of genes when abnormally activated so that protein is always present and active?

which type of genes when abnormally activated so that protein is always present and active?

Gen is a heredity unit. A nucleotide sequence that constitutes a specific part of a chromosome.  In popular and informal use, the term gene is used to mean “the biological unit that carries a particular characteristic of a child from a parent.” [1] Genes with chromosome sections can have very different functions and sizes (in length). The size and function of the genes are not always directly proportional.

A gene is a region that has transcriptional, regulatory and / or functional regions that can be located in the genomic sequence. According to a new and essential definition of gene regulation and the complexities of transcription, the gene is a combination of genomic sequences that potentially overlap each other, encoding “functional products of the same class (protein or RNA)”.

Gen is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. Each gene consists of nucleotide sequences at a certain point in chromosomes that carry a specific function, such as a protein or RNA molecule.

In classical genetics, there are allelic and non-allelic genes, depending on whether they direct or direct the same biological functions and whether or not they reciprocally recombine. Alleles are genes that act on the same property.

In classical genetics the gene is used as a subunit. Mutations and combinations are considered to occur in genes.

Inheritance is directly related to mitotic and meiotic divisions of chromosomes and to the behavior of fertilization. Each chromosome contains numerous inheritance units, genes.

A character inheritance can be examined only when there are two opposite conditions. The shape that Mendel’s work on peas in her work is like a smooth and wrinkled seed in morphology. The living individual can only show one of these opposite situations. For this reason allele genes are mentioned. The genes of two or more alternate characters in the same locus of homologous chromosomes are called “alleles”. Like genes that determine smooth and wrinkled seed morphology.

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